Wall Street Club Starts with Wonderful Results

Math teacher Ed Mirante of the newly-formed Wall Street Club.
Photo by Matthew Greenbaum

By Liam Bodurtha

For the first time in BCDS history, a Wall Street Club is available to give children an advantage in the world of stocks and finance. The club is led by math teacher Mr. Miranti every Thursday in the computer lab.

The first week, Mr. Miranti taught half a dozen middle school students the basics on how to invest in company stocks. They got the chance to start their own investment firms and obtained $10,000 of pretend money to invest. The students chose which companies they wanted to invest in. Each week, the results of the companies are posted on the bulletin board next to the computer lab. They include a snapshot of each company’s performance and the gains and losses. Mr. Miranti said that soon students will be able to elect a member of the group to help run the club. Sam Terr, an 8th grade student in the Wall Street club, whose company is currently investing in Apple, Walmart, Exxon, and Mobil said that he enjoys having Mr. Miranti as his teacher for the club.

Gabriel Yaghoubian, another 8th grader in the club, agrees. “I’ve learned so much from Mr. Mirante,” said Gabriel.

Mr. Mirante has high hopes for the club. “In one or two years, we hope to start investing real money for the school,” Mr. Miranti remarked.