Stop the Presses — Newspaper Elective Class Launches BCDS Times

staff_newWelcome to the Premiere Issue of the BCDS Times!

The newspaper elective, which meets every Tuesday as part of the Jewish Studies Department’s course offerings, is thrilled to launch the very first edition of the BCDS Times, the online student newspaper for the BCDS community.

All of the content you will see on this site, including the news and sports features, fashion and advice columns, photographs, word search and comics section, are all original works and created by the students in this elective class. The newspaper staff, consisting of 18 enthusiastic middle schoolers with Mrs. Salm and Morah Hochman as the faculty advisers, meets each week to discuss ideas for the upcoming issue and to learn the basics of creating a digital newspaper. What began as a small seed of an idea coming from our sixth grader Kaila Rosovsky has blossomed into an exciting creation!

We hope that you enjoy the our first issue. Please stay tuned for more updates to the BCDS Times!