BCDS Student Council Pouncing on New Ideas for Student Life


The BCDS Student Council created the idea of having students dress up as either a Maccabee or a Pilgrim in honor of Thanksgivukkah.
Photo by Ms. Danner

By Andrew Ukhanov

The newly introduced BCDS Student Council marks the first chance for middle school students to voice their opinions on ideas or ways to improve student life within the school.

The BCDS Student Council, led by faculty advisor Mr. Bob Abrams, meets every Monday for lunch and they scout out and discuss ideas that they believe will be best for the school.

Just recently, they have introduced the idea of having a “dress down and dress up,” day. This took place on Wednesday, November 27th, and it signified the importance of the reunion of Chanukah and Thanksgiving. Students were encouraged to dress up as either Pilgrims or Maccabees.

The point of a Student Council is to have a portal for young students to voice their opinions as to what they believe will be best for the school. One of the greatest ideas that the Student Council has had is the idea for more recycling bins around the school.

Not all the ideas that the Student Council discusses can be implemented. What the Student Council does is that they talk about their ideas during the meetings and if they think that a particular idea is a good one, then they discuss it with Mrs. Herman. Ultimately, it is Mrs. Herman’s decision whether a specific idea will go through. The Student Council may seem like it has been around for a long time, but to people’s surprise, it has only been around for two years. Mr. Abrams has been the faculty adviser since the beginning.

Overall, the Student Council is a beneficial program for students in middle school. It meets every Monday for lunch in Mr. Abram’s office. If you want to voice your opinion, it’s the perfect activity for you.