Get Your Code On: New Coding Class at BCDS

codingBy Sarah Broder

BCDS has started a lunch and learning program for middle schoolers to learn how to code. The program is being taught by Mr. Rotenberg in his science lab, on Tuesdays during the middle school lunch period. Students all over the country have started to learn how to code and now BCDS middle schoolers will now get a chance to learn to code as well. “I am excited to teach the program,” Mr. Rotenberg explains.

Code is computer language and the basics of computer application programming, telling the computer what to do. Not many people have the chance to learn how to code in the world. Students who join the program are lucky to learn something that is known as the “new age” of programming.  In the class, students have started to learn the basics of coding. During the first class period, there were some technical difficulties due to Windows 8.1, however, all of the students seemed to appreciate the class in the end.

More lunchtime and learning classes will be held throughout the semester, so stay tuned for more opportunities for learning.  In the meantime, you can find more information on coding for kids at