Run for It: Race for Education Event

race_educationBy Oren Gabay

This year, BCDS is going to try something new, Race for Education. This is an all-school event that combines fundraising with fitness and will take place place at the school on Wednesday, April 2nd.
All students in the school are encouraged to bring in mailing labels with their family and friends’ names. Once you have the labels in, you send out letters asking people to sponsor you by donating money to the school — just like a professional runner! The school’s goal is to raise at least $15,000.
In addition, there will also be prizes for students who bring in the most labels by grade. One of the prizes is the chance to dunk Principal Mrs. Herman on field day in June.
So the reason that people will sponsor you is because after all of the labels, there is the race! You run as far as you like, showing your sponsors why they sponsored you, which is to support the best runner out there! So get running, BCDS!