Middle School: To Advisory and Beyond

By Andrew U.

Advisory is the newest program implemented into the BCDS middle school schedule. Advisory meets weekly on Fridays for 45 minutes. Students in middle school take their lunch and head over to their advisory groups. Advisory groups are determined randomly by grade and have nothing to do with the secular grouping.

Many teachers were placed in advisory groups due to their availability of their schedules. Most of the teachers in advisory are a part of the middle school, because Advisory belongs only to middle school students. Advisory takes place during the last period on Friday. Students are allowed to take their lunches to their advisory rooms. Advisory is implemented in the curriculum in order to relieve stress from the students and help organize all their assignments. “We can open up to our problems and have time to organize our lockers and assignments during advisory time,” said middle school student Nathaniel Herman.

Advisory is a new offering and one that allows middle school students to express how they feel.