BCDS Makerspace Opens Up


The newly-designed Makerspace Lab. Photo by Mati F. 

Written By Aaron L. and Justin B.

The middle school was in the Old Chapel when Mrs. Herman officially opened up Makerspace on Thursday, February 25th, 2016. The whole school got to tour through Makerspace. The Makerspace was a beautiful room made from nothing but a storage room and two teachers with an amazing idea to help students. The Makerspace is a place where kids can create their own inventions and think independently.

Makerspace is decorated with glitter on the floor, and gears painted on the walls. There are many tables, a tool rack, and a 3D printer in the corner. Makerspace will have a lunch and learn program, where students eat lunch right outside the room, and then go in to do a chosen activity. The Makerspace lab has a variety of programs to choose from such as: build at tin robot, build a light saber, and 3D designing. This will help kids be creative and learn in a fun amazing way. The activities include: Tin Can Robot Design, Catapult Design, Light Saber Design, Float a Boat, Jewelry Design, Engineering Build Off Challenge, Marble Run, Ozobot, Sew Creative, Stickman Structure, and 3D Doodler Design.