BCDS Players Begin Rehearsals for Spring Show

once-upon-a-mattressBy: Lilah S.

Once Upon a Mattress is a musical comedy based on the traditional fairy tale, The Princess and the Pea. The show is about Prince Dauntless and how his mother, Queen Aggravain, will not allow him to marry until she finds him the “perfect” princess. That wouldn’t be so bad, if it weren’t for the fact that no one else in the kingdom is allowed to marry until the prince does. There is a subplot in which Sir Harry and Lady Larkin are secretly married, and Lady Larkin is pregnant. They need to get married in front of the Queen’s eyes before Larkin starts to show, so Sir Harry goes out to find a suitable princess. He comes back with Princess Winifred, the princess of the swamps. She is NOT your stereotypical princess. Dauntless falls head over heels about her, and to know what happens next, come see the show on March 2nd and 5th.

Main Parts:
Dauntless: Daniel J
Winifred: Lilah S
Queen: Rachel O
King: Evan G
Sir Harry: Avi G
Lady Larkin: Mira R
Minstrel: Drew L
Jester: Tess W
Wizard: Anna L
Director: Janice S
Musical Director: There is a new Musical Director his year, Assag G from Queens, N.Y. He is super excited to be working on the show this year.
Stage Manager: Josh S