The Chesed Squad is Back in Town

By Yoni S.

Bi-Cultural Day School has taken Chesed (good deeds) very seriously and this year is no exception. Chanukah is coming soon and for most of us, we think of presents, no homework, lots of gelt (chocolate coins), and family time.

Yet, sadly, not everyone has that opportunity. Some people don’t have the luxuries that we have or a strong support system of family and friends. They don’t have the opportunity to exchange presents or enjoy special family time. Luckily, there is an amazing organization out there called Ohel a social services organization which takes in kids who don’t have a functioning family or even a family at all.

At Bi-Cultural, we are contributing to this organization. We’re raising money to give those kids presents. So, remember bring in a dollar or two to your teacher to contribute to this amazing organization. Also, we in BCDS are very lucky to be healthy, but many children are very sick and are spending their holidays in Stamford Hospital. So, at BCDS we are also collecting unopened presents for the children in the hospital. There will be boxes around the school for presents so please put them in there. Please join us in supporting these two worthy organizations.