Raffle-Mania Hits School

purim_raffleBy Alison M. and Julianne K.

The Purim Raffle is a annual raffle tradition and chesed fundraiser in the school for the past 10 years. The 7 grade class is responsible for organizing the raffle, including obtaining donations from parents and local businesses and selling the raffle tickets to the entire school. “Giving us this large responsibility shows that we’re old enough to handle such a big task and we hope to make it the best Purim raffle ever,” said Daniel J., a 7th grader. The class hopes to raise the most money, exceeding the amount raised last year. All the proceeds from the Purim raffle go to four different Jewish organizations: Od Yossef Chai, Chai Lifeline, BCDS Scholarship Fund, and Kav L’Noar. If you would like to buy tickets for the Purim raffle, please see any 7th grader at BCDS.