Why You Should Enjoy Life

By Drew L.

What is life? Why does it matter? Do I matter? These are somethings that people think in their daily life. It could stem from a bad day, or just how they feel. Depression is a good example of where one would think these questions. Also it ties into Yom Hashoah. Many who have died and had a terrible outlook on what was going to happen to them. They also asked these questions. And even though these are legitimate questions, you can’t be the one to answer. If you are sad and think these things, clearly you are going to think lowly of yourself. In the end, you still matter, and you will make a difference, even if it is in a small way. A depressed person could think, “Life isn’t good! I don’t matter!” But in the end they think this because they are sad. If you see this from the perspective of a good friend, you see yourself in a more realistic light. Instead of a loser with no friends, you are a nice person with a good amount of friends. But I still haven’t said why anyone should enjoy life, depressed or not. Life is what you make of it, but most make nothing of it. People who live happy and strive to have a good life, HAVE A GOOD LIFE! This happens because they want it to. They aren’t being a pessimist or even a realist, they are being honest and happy about and with them self. Case in point: Find good, and leave the bad behind. It isn’t easy, and you can’t just say be happy, but from when you read this onwards, Be happy with what you have. Ignore the bad to the best of your ability and find life’s light.