Camp is Coming: Packing Tips for Campers

lakeBy Drew L.

June is here and that means that summer is right around the corner. Of course, summer for so many kids means summer camp — and that means a lot of packing. Have you ever wanted to know what to pack when you go to camp? Have too much stuff and too little space? These tips will help you plan your summer camping adventure so you can expand on space and things to pack.

  • Roll Your Clothes: This trick saves tons of space while still not ruining clothing.
    Pack what is necessary: Try to only pack the things that you know you will need.
  • If you need to pack things that aren’t necessary, put it in last: If there isn’t enough space for it then you shouldn’t pack it.
  • Always bring another bag: this is good for carrying things on the trip to camp and at camp when you want to sit and work on something outside of the bunk during free time.
  • Always bring extra clothing: You will get dirty and you will need more than the list says ( which is at least 10 pairs of each type of clothing). Do yourself a favor and bring at least an extra pair of shorts, shirt, socks and underwear.