Mitzvah Mania Hits BCDS

By Justin B.

The week of May 22nd was devoted to committing good deeds throughout the community as part of the school’s first-ever Mitzvah Mania community event as the entire school participated performed nine different mitzvot during this special week.  On May 22nd, the 6th and 7th grades visited a homeless shelter. The 6th grade organized closets and bookshelves and made snack bags while the 7th grade painted two large murals for the wall of the gym for the youth in the shelter. One of the murals depicted a shooting star with a rainbow streaming out of it. The other was a harbor landscape with a lighthouse and two boats. A presentation was shown after that treating homeless children excessively would end the cycle of homelessness more quickly. 

Other mitzvot including cleaning up and planting at the Stamford Nature Center, planting , singing to the senior residents and organizing the classrooms and library at the Boys and Girls Club in Center. BCDS parents and family were asked to donate in honor of their children to raise funds for the school.