Tuesday, Nov. 7th is Election Day


Photo by Dora S.

By Isabella K.

Today, Tuesday, November 7th, is Election Day and people in towns and cities across the United States are voting in their local elections . Although this year is not a presidential election, it is still an important local election, especially for Stamford voters as Stamford will be deciding on who will be the next mayor. There are three candidates running for this election: David Martin, Barry Michelson, and John Zito. David Martin, who is currently the Mayor of Stamford, is the Democratic candidate, Barry Michelson is the Republican Candidate, and John Zito is Independent. Anyone who is 18 years and older who is registered is qualified to vote.
It is very important to vote to decide who will become the mayor of your city. In case anyone doesn’t know where to vote there is a link below: https://www.stamfordct.gov/registrar-of-voters/pages/registrar-of-voters-link.

Don’t forget to vote (or tell your parents to vote).