The Holiday Review

torahBy Charlotte M. and Ella H.

The holidays of Sukkot and Simchat Torah have recently passed. During Simchat Torah, we celebrate that we have finished reading the Torah. People dance around with the Torah and everyone is happy. At my shul we have a BBQ at night and do hakafot. That means rounds. We have seven hakafot where we dance with the Torah and or we sit on the floor and sing slow songs and we even dance outside. It is a lot of fun and a happy time for Jewish people all over the world.
During the time before Simchat Torah we were celebrating Sukkot. A lot of people were eating in sukkahs, going to shul, and spending time with family during this time. In Bi-Cultural, students in grades 5th through 8th grades had a big Tefilla all together in the Multi-Purpose room. There was dancing, singing prayers, and shaking the lulav and the etrog. Overall, it was a great and fun holiday.