The Cafe Menu: Re-imagined

By Shira H.

Photo by Shira H. and Noa F.

I like healthy eating as much as the next person, but some days while I am sitting in the cafe eating my carrot sticks and hummus, I like to imagine my perfect (and not so healthy) lunch menu. (Hint: there is never any broccoli and the salad bar is transformed into a giant candy bar station.) Here is my dream menu:

  • Day 1: On Monday we have pizza and French fries with all the soda you can drink. To top it all off, homemade cookies with a glass of milk.
  • Day 2: On Tuesday, chips and salsa with a cup of ice-cold lemonade is for lunch. For a special treat: rainbow Popsicles.
  • Day 3 (Special): Wednesday is a special of waffles and ice-cream with sprinkles and a tall glass of milk.
  • Day 4: For Thursday, we will be eating sushi with soy sauce and Sprite. For dessert, yummy mini-Hershey bars for everyone.
  • Day 5: On Friday, we will have BBQ hot dogs, hamburgers, and much more fixings. For drinks, sparking cola. For an extra touch, a scoop of sorbet (watermelon-flavored, of course.)