Kids in the Hall Feature

BCHA Roving Reporter Noa F. posed the following questions to three different students wandering the halls the other day and these are the answers? What would you say if you were posed this question: Do you think that the current dress code is fair? Why or why not?

pexels-photo-913136.jpegIsabel L., 5th Grade: No. I think that the dress code is not fair because people express themselves basically by wearing their own individual clothes and if everyone wears the same thing, then no one can really express them self.




IMG_8233Gavin D., 6th Grade: No. It’s not fair for people to have to buy more clothes when those dress code clothes don’t fit anymore. Kids keep on growing and parents have to keep buying clothes and finding the right clothes that fit the dress code is sometimes hard and expensive for parents.


IMG_8234Gidon G. 6th Grade: No. It is more expensive to buy certain dress code outfits that just wearing shorts or sweatpants and a t-shirt, for example.