Chanukah: The Festival of Light

By Charlotte M.

Hanuka-Menorah-by-Gil-Dekel-2014Chanukah is coming up soon. Are you ready for all the latkes, jelly doughnuts and presents?
Chanukah starts on Sunday, Dec. 2nd, and lasts for eight days; the significance of the eight days is to celebrate the oil that lasted eight days in the Temple. The Greeks told the Israelites that they could not practice their religion. The Israelites knew that this was wrong, rebelled and eventually fought off the Greeks. They went to the Temple to light the Menorah, but the Greeks had put unkosher animals in the Temple and damaged the holy objects. The Israelites cleaned the Temple up and looked for an unbroken jar or oil to light the Menorah. They found one, but they thought it would only last for one day, while they needed it to last for eight days until the new oil came. But a miracle happened — the oil lasted for eight days. Jews from all over the world celebrate this miracle and this wonderful holiday.
Top 5 things to do during Chanukah:
1) Eat or bake latkes and jelly doughnuts
2) Light the menorah
3) Give small gifts to friends and loved ones.
4) Play the dreidel game
5) Learn the story of Chanukah