About the BCHA Times/Staff Bios

The BCHA Times is the student-run newspaper site for the Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy. BCHA roving reporters meet weekly and collect news and information on all parts of school life. The BCHA Times aims to provide relevant and exciting content important to students, parents and the community at large, hoping to be the voice for the BCHA community. School librarian Dora Salm is the faculty adviser. The opinions expressed in the Editorial/Opinion section, reviews, and any comments may not necessarily represent the opinions of Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy. Editorials are written by the editorial board, which consists of BCHA Times staff members.

2018-2019 Roving Reporters

Shira. H is a 5th grader and is 10 years old. Her favorite subjects are writing, art, history, and more. She has three siblings and no pets. She loves to draw, write, read, sing, and dance. She plays the little red haired girl in the BCHA play, You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown. She has won second place two years in a row in a Stamford Literary Competition for her age.

Pusheen Eating PizzaCharlotte M. is a 12-year-old who loves to read, act, and sing. She has been in multiple plays including Pippi Longstocking, Once Upon a Mattress, Joseph in the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and many more theater productions. Charlotte has also won 2nd place for her age in a literary competition for her age in the City of Stamford.

Ella H. is a 12-year old girl who loves to read. Her favorite subject is science. She loves to act, sing, and draw. She has one sister and two brothers. She is playing Peppermint Patty in the upcoming BCHA show, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown. Ella’s mom is a teacher and her dad is a real estate agent.

fileNoa F. is in fifth grade. She likes to color, read, write, and watch tv. Her favorite subject is math.Noa plays basketball and she has two brothers and three pets. She has a hamster, a lobster, and a fish named Cory, Felicia, and Prince Aqua. She was born in Stamford.



Isabel L. loves to read, write songs, and play tennis. Her favorite subjects are math and art. She has one brother whose name is Ian.She has no pets but dreams of having a dog someday. She was born in Stamford.

file1Roberto T. loves to play board games; his favorite board game is Monopoly because he likes beating his brother. He also enjoys fantasy books like Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. He likes them because he knows nothing is real, but the story feels real. He also is in the process of building two PCs.


IMG_8235Tzipporah D. is a 5th grader. She has three siblings, likes Hamilton the musical and loves to read in her spare time and especially enjoys fantasy and myths. Her favorite book that she read is Keeper of the Cities. Her favorite food is lasagna, just like the comic book character of Garfield. She likes studying about unique animals and likes chemistry.

painting_catMaddie W. is a sixth grader at Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy. Maddie has one younger brother in the fourth grade. Maddie likes to ski, play tennis, and play the violin. Her favorite colors are black, purple, and blue. Her favorite subject in school is art because she gets a chance to be creative.


booksLeah R. is a 6th grader at BCHA. She is 11 years old and has 3 sisters. She likes to ski, play soccer, and play tennis. She loves to read and her favorite book is Harry Potter. Leah’s favorite color is purple. Leah’s favorite subject in school is math because there is always one answer.


unicorn_hannahHannah.C is a 5th grader at BCHA. She is in the BCHA play You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown and plays the part of Eudora. She enjoys art, reading, and science. She has a sister, wants a dog, and loves sleepovers. She has Ms. Tully as a teacher and enjoys fifth grade.






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