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Seventh Graders Attend Greenkill

Charlotte M.

On Oct. 22nd and October 23rd, the 7th grade class traveled to the New York YMCA for the annual Greenkill retreat. The trip took two hours. They first did team building activities and then the did the low elements. They then went to eat lunch and then they climbed a ladder that was really high. They went on hikes and built shelters out of sticks and climbed across a rope bridge across running water. Then they did archery and ate dinner. After dinner, they went to the gym for an hour and a half and then went to an animal show. They saw many different types of animals and learned a lot. Then they went to look for sticks to use to roast marshmallows.

After that, all students sat in a dark room and passed around a candle while saying meaningful things about their experience at school. Then they went to sleep. When they woke up, they packed up quickly and went to pray together and eat breakfast. Then they went to the woods and learned to light a fire without a match. They then went climbing on a rock wall and then went to eat lunch and went on the bus for the long ride home.

All students seemed to have a great time on the retreat and recommended it for all future 7th grade students. Ella H. said, “It was fun. I loved when we passed around the candle!”

Top 5 Technology Tools for the Classroom

By Roberto T.

flat lay photography of macbook pro beside paper

Technology is a major part of education and what middle school student doesn’t enjoy using technology at home and at school? Here are some favorite tools that are helpful in the school setting.

Google Classroom: This platform is great if you’re school uses Google Classroom. Students receive notifications of classwork from teachers and also teachers can access your work directly from Google Classroom.

Quizlet: This is a free web site that allows you to create is a flash cards and games that match your classwork and play games to learn.

Kahoot: This is also a free web site that allows the user to create trivia games on all topics. Teachers often use this with students to test their knowledge of a certain topic.

The Homeword (HW) App: The “HW” app allows you to place all your school work in one app and rate by priority. This is a free app and is available on the iOS and Android platform.

Photomath. This app you will help you solve math problems at your own level; available on both the iOS and Android platform.

BCHA Players Organize Fundraiser for School Play

By Hannah C.

Photo by Hannah C.

This year at BCHA, the BCHA Players will be acting and producing the play, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown: The Broadway Musical. The performances take place on Thursday, Dec. 13th at 7:00 p.m., Sunday, Dec. 16th at 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

Student actors are organizing a fundraiser for the play, selling yellow bags of prizes. Each bag costs $2.00, with a chance to win a special prize. Prizes include raffle tickets, a free snack at the snack bar and many other types of prizes. Each bag will have a toy in it.
For more information, please contact one of the cast members.

Kids in the Hall Feature

BCHA Roving Reporter Noa F. posed the following questions to three different students wandering the halls the other day and these are the answers? What would you say if you were posed this question: Do you think that the current dress code is fair? Why or why not?

pexels-photo-913136.jpegIsabel L., 5th Grade: No. I think that the dress code is not fair because people express themselves basically by wearing their own individual clothes and if everyone wears the same thing, then no one can really express them self.




IMG_8233Gavin D., 6th Grade: No. It’s not fair for people to have to buy more clothes when those dress code clothes don’t fit anymore. Kids keep on growing and parents have to keep buying clothes and finding the right clothes that fit the dress code is sometimes hard and expensive for parents.


IMG_8234Gidon G. 6th Grade: No. It is more expensive to buy certain dress code outfits that just wearing shorts or sweatpants and a t-shirt, for example.

Top 10 Best Things about Fall


Photo by Noa F.

By Noa F.

Think that Fall is just for pumpkin-spiced lattes and fleeces? Think again. Here is a top-10 list of the best things about Fall:

  1. Leaves falling
  2. Thanksgiving
  3. Pumpkin picking
  4. Carving pumpkins
  5. Bright colors
  6. Starting a new season
  7. Colder weather (no more sweating or air conditioning)
  8. Having hot cocoa
  9. The beautiful foliage
  10. Delicious food

The Cafe Menu: Re-imagined

By Shira H.

Photo by Shira H. and Noa F.

I like healthy eating as much as the next person, but some days while I am sitting in the cafe eating my carrot sticks and hummus, I like to imagine my perfect (and not so healthy) lunch menu. (Hint: there is never any broccoli and the salad bar is transformed into a giant candy bar station.) Here is my dream menu:

  • Day 1: On Monday we have pizza and French fries with all the soda you can drink. To top it all off, homemade cookies with a glass of milk.
  • Day 2: On Tuesday, chips and salsa with a cup of ice-cold lemonade is for lunch. For a special treat: rainbow Popsicles.
  • Day 3 (Special): Wednesday is a special of waffles and ice-cream with sprinkles and a tall glass of milk.
  • Day 4: For Thursday, we will be eating sushi with soy sauce and Sprite. For dessert, yummy mini-Hershey bars for everyone.
  • Day 5: On Friday, we will have BBQ hot dogs, hamburgers, and much more fixings. For drinks, sparking cola. For an extra touch, a scoop of sorbet (watermelon-flavored, of course.)

The Holiday Review

torahBy Charlotte M. and Ella H.

The holidays of Sukkot and Simchat Torah have recently passed. During Simchat Torah, we celebrate that we have finished reading the Torah. People dance around with the Torah and everyone is happy. At my shul we have a BBQ at night and do hakafot. That means rounds. We have seven hakafot where we dance with the Torah and or we sit on the floor and sing slow songs and we even dance outside. It is a lot of fun and a happy time for Jewish people all over the world.
During the time before Simchat Torah we were celebrating Sukkot. A lot of people were eating in sukkahs, going to shul, and spending time with family during this time. In Bi-Cultural, students in grades 5th through 8th grades had a big Tefilla all together in the Multi-Purpose room. There was dancing, singing prayers, and shaking the lulav and the etrog. Overall, it was a great and fun holiday.

Check out Middle School Book Club

The Award-Winning Middle School Book Club met in the Library on Friday, September, 28th to discuss the chilling thriller, Coraline by author Neil Gaiman. The Library was abuzz with activity as excited middle school readers got a chance to discuss this popular book, focusing on plot, characters’ motives and setting. Noah D., a 7th grader, led the discussion and asking relevant questions pertaining to the book. A few book club members met the day before to assist with baking button-inspired cookies for the event. (Want to know the significant of buttons — read the book.)

The next book club will be during lunchtime on Friday, Oct. 26th when we will be discussing the book, The Island of Dr. Libris by Chris Grabenstein.

Happy Thanksgiving from BCDS Times

By Jenna C. and Sarah K.

Thanksgiving is important because it is good to remember how much blessed we are and gives us a whole day devoted to giving thanks. We are all very fortunate to go to this amazing school and to have a warm home. That is why everyone should be thankful for what they have. Have a happy thanksgiving and enjoy the turkey (if you enjoy turkey).

What’s your favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving? We conducted our own informal poll about what our students prefer to eat at Thanksgiving and here are some answers:

  • Students who eat turkey: 5 out of 7 students replied yes;
  • Students who eat pumpkin pie: 1 out of 7 replied yes;
  • Students who eat: 3 out of 7 replied yes.





BCDS Wins Blue Medal Award


Stamford Mayor David Martin visited the school at all-school assembly on Thursday, Nov. 9th. (Photo by Esther G.)

By Esther G.

BCDS has recently been awarded the National Blue Ribbon Award from the U.S. Department of Education in October of 2017, earning a well-earned reputation of being a school of excellence.”
Thursday. Nov. 9th was a thrilling day for the school as the entire group of students and faculty gathered in the gymnasium and came together as a school to be proud of these achievements. Mrs. Herman gave out cookies to the school and all students learned a lot about what it takes to be a Blue Ribbon school.

Of course as this happened, all students were all able to get back to class and dive deeper into the rich education that Bi-Cultural Day School provides.