Creative Arts

My Dream School: The School Everyone Wants To Go To
Written by Charlotte M., Art Work by Ella H.

Imagine your dream school. Then picture your actual school. Does it really look the same or even have everything you want? Mine definitely doesn’t. My dream school looks like this:
unnamed (1)Cafeteria: When you walk into this room, you see super-comfy chairs lining the walls with tables right next to them. There are three vending machines that have really good food and drinks. There are floor-to-ceiling windows and the lunch program is anything you want. You just have to tell them the day in advance and they will get it for you. The school gives everyone free Swell water bottles and there is a free soda machine. If you can’t decide the night before which food you will want the next day, waiters walk around with appetizers and there are a salad bar and pizza and sushi. Perfect, isn’t it?
Classrooms: Each classroom will look different but everyone will have the same things. The desks will have space for all your stuff and will be 100% clean all the time. The walls will be painted vibrant colors and will be soft and comfy bean bag chairs. There will also be a super fast smart board and a snack machine. Amazing!

Student Lounge: Every school has a teacher lounge where students aren’t allowed to even enter. But what if we had a place to hang out and it was even cooler than the teacher’s lounge? That’s what a student lounge is for! There would be two vending machines and lots of comfy desks with super nice and soft chairs. It would have a printer and a refrigerator and freezer stocked with yummy foods. There would be five desktop Mac computers for anyone who wants to use them for playing games or homework. A truly fun place to hang out.

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 8.01.22 PMPlayground: When you look at a playground, you should want to play on it. This playground would have two zip lines, a huge playground with multiple slides, swings, climbing things, and lots of other stuff. A big basketball court and football and soccer fields are crucial, too. A big gaga pit and two four square courts, a tennis court, and a running track are some other things a playground needs in order to have a perfect recess.

Library: A library is my favorite place to be in school. But what is a library without a cozy feeling? It needs many things to make it have that quality. A fuzzy rug, perfect for storytime, in a corner. Dark wood paneled bookshelves line the walls and tables with cozy chairs next to them reside in another corner. A cozy spot for reading and working on homework and projects.unnamed

Art room: A room for designing your thoughts onto paper has to look spectacular. Three tables across the room with comfy chairs and built-in paint sets and paintbrushes with water in cups. Crayons, colored pencils, and other markers and drawing utensils are lined up in a rack on one wall. They never get mixed up or dirty. There is a shelf with coloring books and drawing books and crisp white paper in a bin on the small table at the side. The paints and kiln are in a separate room. The walls are white covered in splatter paint. A great place to design your thoughts.Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 3.33.08 PM

After we have designed the school, we have to decide what we should wear to school, because no one wants a uniform. Boys could wear shorts or pants and a shirt with no inappropriate logo or words — any style, any color. Dress code would include a kippah and any shoes, a sweatshirt or jacket in any color. Girls could wear any pants, skirt, or shorts that aren’t too short or leggings that aren’t too tight. A t-shirt or long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt of any color or style, but no inappropriate colors. Any type of shoes and you’re ready to rock the school day!
Think that the dream school is only a fantasy for just me? Think again. “If kids had other things to look forward to, they will focus more on schoolwork,” said Leah R.
Ella H agreed. “I wish I could go to this school!”
Well, regardless of what my dream vision for the school is, I still like my current school. But, you can always dream.


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