Fashion Police

Trendy Tips for School
By: Maddie W.
person wearing white high top lace up sneakers standing on white line

Cool sneaks can dress up any outfit. (Contributed photo)

Do you hate wearing the same old dress code every day? Here are some tips on how to make your normal dress code outstanding:

  • Wear cool leggings under your skirt in the winter time. There are tons of legging styles out there for you to choose from like candy, to rainbow, to your favorite sport.
  • Put your hair into cool hairdos. There are tons of styles for you to choose from, such as ponytails, braids and even buns. Every day you can make your hair a little more stylish by changing it up to match your mood.
  • Buy trendy shoes. Some of the most popular shoe brands right now are Nike, Adidas, and Converse. There are a lot of designs from the brands for you to choose from to spice up your footwear.