The Holiday Review

torahBy Charlotte M. and Ella H.

The holidays of Sukkot and Simchat Torah have recently passed. During Simchat Torah, we celebrate that we have finished reading the Torah. People dance around with the Torah and everyone is happy. At my shul we have a BBQ at night and do hakafot. That means rounds. We have seven hakafot where we dance with the Torah and or we sit on the floor and sing slow songs and we even dance outside. It is a lot of fun and a happy time for Jewish people all over the world.
During the time before Simchat Torah we were celebrating Sukkot. A lot of people were eating in sukkahs, going to shul, and spending time with family during this time. In Bi-Cultural, students in grades 5th through 8th grades had a big Tefilla all together in the Multi-Purpose room. There was dancing, singing prayers, and shaking the lulav and the etrog. Overall, it was a great and fun holiday.

Check out Middle School Book Club

The Award-Winning Middle School Book Club met in the Library on Friday, September, 28th to discuss the chilling thriller, Coraline by author Neil Gaiman. The Library was abuzz with activity as excited middle school readers got a chance to discuss this popular book, focusing on plot, characters’ motives and setting. Noah D., a 7th grader, led the discussion and asking relevant questions pertaining to the book. A few book club members met the day before to assist with baking button-inspired cookies for the event. (Want to know the significant of buttons — read the book.)

The next book club will be during lunchtime on Friday, Oct. 26th when we will be discussing the book, The Island of Dr. Libris by Chris Grabenstein.

Happy Thanksgiving from BCDS Times

By Jenna C. and Sarah K.

Thanksgiving is important because it is good to remember how much blessed we are and gives us a whole day devoted to giving thanks. We are all very fortunate to go to this amazing school and to have a warm home. That is why everyone should be thankful for what they have. Have a happy thanksgiving and enjoy the turkey (if you enjoy turkey).

What’s your favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving? We conducted our own informal poll about what our students prefer to eat at Thanksgiving and here are some answers:

  • Students who eat turkey: 5 out of 7 students replied yes;
  • Students who eat pumpkin pie: 1 out of 7 replied yes;
  • Students who eat: 3 out of 7 replied yes.





BCDS Wins Blue Medal Award


Stamford Mayor David Martin visited the school at all-school assembly on Thursday, Nov. 9th. (Photo by Esther G.)

By Esther G.

BCDS has recently been awarded the National Blue Ribbon Award from the U.S. Department of Education in October of 2017, earning a well-earned reputation of being a school of excellence.”
Thursday. Nov. 9th was a thrilling day for the school as the entire group of students and faculty gathered in the gymnasium and came together as a school to be proud of these achievements. Mrs. Herman gave out cookies to the school and all students learned a lot about what it takes to be a Blue Ribbon school.

Of course as this happened, all students were all able to get back to class and dive deeper into the rich education that Bi-Cultural Day School provides.

Tuesday, Nov. 7th is Election Day


Photo by Dora S.

By Isabella K.

Today, Tuesday, November 7th, is Election Day and people in towns and cities across the United States are voting in their local elections . Although this year is not a presidential election, it is still an important local election, especially for Stamford voters as Stamford will be deciding on who will be the next mayor. There are three candidates running for this election: David Martin, Barry Michelson, and John Zito. David Martin, who is currently the Mayor of Stamford, is the Democratic candidate, Barry Michelson is the Republican Candidate, and John Zito is Independent. Anyone who is 18 years and older who is registered is qualified to vote.
It is very important to vote to decide who will become the mayor of your city. In case anyone doesn’t know where to vote there is a link below:

Don’t forget to vote (or tell your parents to vote).


Tashlich and Tefilla

On Tuesday, September 26th, grades 4-6 visited Stamford’s Arboretum for their annual Tashlich and Tefilla, performing the symbolic act of casting away bad deeds from the previous year. Tashlich comes from the Hebrew word meaning “to cast,” referring to the intent to cast away our sins via this meaningful and ancient Jewish custom common. Photos by Esther G.

Summer Lovin’: A Top 10 List

By Naomi H.

With the end of the school year and the beginning of the summer, here’s a top 10 list of the best things about summer:

  1. No school
  2. Camp
  3. Hanging out with camp friends
  4. The pool/beach
  5. Vacation
  6. Warm weather
  7. No homework
  8. Staying up late
  9. Swimming
  10. Waking up late

What’s on your list?

BCDS Projects Turn Heads


Photo by Lucy N.

With the study of the Egyptian unit, 6th graders used all the information they learned in class to create a unique project depicting life in ancient Egypt at home. Projects ranged from weaponry to kitchen utensils to ancient fashion.



Camp is Coming: Packing Tips for Campers

lakeBy Drew L.

June is here and that means that summer is right around the corner. Of course, summer for so many kids means summer camp — and that means a lot of packing. Have you ever wanted to know what to pack when you go to camp? Have too much stuff and too little space? These tips will help you plan your summer camping adventure so you can expand on space and things to pack.

  • Roll Your Clothes: This trick saves tons of space while still not ruining clothing.
    Pack what is necessary: Try to only pack the things that you know you will need.
  • If you need to pack things that aren’t necessary, put it in last: If there isn’t enough space for it then you shouldn’t pack it.
  • Always bring another bag: this is good for carrying things on the trip to camp and at camp when you want to sit and work on something outside of the bunk during free time.
  • Always bring extra clothing: You will get dirty and you will need more than the list says ( which is at least 10 pairs of each type of clothing). Do yourself a favor and bring at least an extra pair of shorts, shirt, socks and underwear.

Mitzvah Mania Hits BCDS

By Justin B.

The week of May 22nd was devoted to committing good deeds throughout the community as part of the school’s first-ever Mitzvah Mania community event as the entire school participated performed nine different mitzvot during this special week.  On May 22nd, the 6th and 7th grades visited a homeless shelter. The 6th grade organized closets and bookshelves and made snack bags while the 7th grade painted two large murals for the wall of the gym for the youth in the shelter. One of the murals depicted a shooting star with a rainbow streaming out of it. The other was a harbor landscape with a lighthouse and two boats. A presentation was shown after that treating homeless children excessively would end the cycle of homelessness more quickly. 

Other mitzvot including cleaning up and planting at the Stamford Nature Center, planting , singing to the senior residents and organizing the classrooms and library at the Boys and Girls Club in Center. BCDS parents and family were asked to donate in honor of their children to raise funds for the school.