BCDS 8th Graders Leave For Israel


The 8th grade class enjoying their Israel Experience.

On Thursday, April 20th, the BCDS 8th grade graduating class left for their trip to Israel. They are going to Israel for one month and traveled on a plane for 12 hours. Once the 8th graders got off of the plane they brought all there stuff to the hotel. Then after that they went out for Shabbat dinner and proceeded to the hotel for some rest. They have many fun and exciting activities planned for the month; stay tuned for more updates on this exciting trip.

Israeli Soldier Visit Community

By Justin B.

A group of Tzahal Israeli Soldiers appeared at the Ferguson Library on March 29th, 2017. There, the soldiers talked about themselves, what they did in the Israeli Army; with each offering an interesting story about life in the Israeli IDF. These same soldiers visited BCDS on March 31st. The soldiers interacted with students across all grades and answered questions. All of the soldiers had different jobs such as battlefield soldiers, intelligence, and instructors. Battlefield soldiers fight in wars. Intelligence soldiers deal with technical jobs, usually in wars, while instructors educate soldiers on how to use weapons. Each soldier had some time with the kids and community before traveling back to Israel.

Why You Should Enjoy Life

By Drew L.

What is life? Why does it matter? Do I matter? These are somethings that people think in their daily life. It could stem from a bad day, or just how they feel. Depression is a good example of where one would think these questions. Also it ties into Yom Hashoah. Many who have died and had a terrible outlook on what was going to happen to them. They also asked these questions. And even though these are legitimate questions, you can’t be the one to answer. If you are sad and think these things, clearly you are going to think lowly of yourself. In the end, you still matter, and you will make a difference, even if it is in a small way. A depressed person could think, “Life isn’t good! I don’t matter!” But in the end they think this because they are sad. If you see this from the perspective of a good friend, you see yourself in a more realistic light. Instead of a loser with no friends, you are a nice person with a good amount of friends. But I still haven’t said why anyone should enjoy life, depressed or not. Life is what you make of it, but most make nothing of it. People who live happy and strive to have a good life, HAVE A GOOD LIFE! This happens because they want it to. They aren’t being a pessimist or even a realist, they are being honest and happy about and with them self. Case in point: Find good, and leave the bad behind. It isn’t easy, and you can’t just say be happy, but from when you read this onwards, Be happy with what you have. Ignore the bad to the best of your ability and find life’s light.

Student Council Sponsors Photo Contest

The BCDS Student Council sponsored the 2nd-annual photo contest and recently announced the three winning entries. The contest was open to the whole school, broken down into categories of entries: Pre-K though 4th grade and 5th grade through 8th grade.  Each photo submitted was a student’s own original artwork and had to fall within the following categories: black and white, portrait, still life, landscape, love of Israel. Mrs. Robinson and the Student Council received more than 35 individual photos and faculty members judged the photos in a blind judge.

March Madness at the BCDS Times

The BCDS Times staff stopped the presses for a day while they participated in a March Madness-related, team-building activity: building a tower strong enough to hold a basketball for a full 20 seconds — using only newspaper and masking tape. (It’s harder than it looks.) The four teams each worked together to engineer, create and execute a working newspaper tower — two teams made it work and two teams needed a little more time! What would your tower look like?

Guess the Purim Costume

By: Nora A. and Naomi H.

IMG_6958Purim is a time for fun, carnival, reading the Megillah, learning about the story about Esther and of course, wearing costumes — and for Purim, the more outlandish the better! Can you guess these newspaper reporters’ costumes? Answers are below.

Nora’s costume is a green M&M.
Isabella’s costume is a strawberry.
Jenna’s costume is a box of Nerds.
Allie’s costume is a gumball machine.
Rachael’s costume is Pansy Parkinson from Harry Potter.
Lucy’s costume is Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

BCDS Celebrates Purim

By Isabella K.

Every year, Purim comes on the 14th of Adar. On Purim, people dress up in costumes, give gifts to their friends and the poor, and have a big feast. The story of Purim takes place in Shushan, Persia. A righteous man named Mordechai had a beautiful cousin named Esther who he brought up as if she was his daughter. There was a king named Ahaseurus who ordered to have all the girls in the country come to the palace for him to choose a queen. All the girls came to the palace in fancy dresses while Ester came in a simple dress. Ahaseurus choose Ester since she was the most beautiful girl there. Mordechai told Ester to keep her Jewish identity a secret from the king because his evil adviser, Haman, wanted to kill all the Jews. Haman picked a date to kill all the Jews. Esther bravely went to the king and asked him to stop Haman and uncovered her Jewish identity. Ahaseurus listened to her, and instead of the Jewish people being killed, Haman got killed. In preparation for Purim, BCDS enjoyed Pajama day and crazy hat day. Children in younger grades have mishloach manot exchanges and make art projects. On the Monday after Purim, BCDS had a Purim carnival and a costume contest.
Also in the winter is the holiday of Tu B’Shevat, which celebrates the new year of the trees. You have a Seder and you eat the shivat haminim, the seven species of Israel. The seven species are wheat, barley, grapes, dates, figs, olives, and pomegranate. In addition, people eat other nuts and fruit. On Tu B’Shevat, it is a custom in Israel to plant trees, and people and around the world donate money to plant trees in Israel. Schoolchildren in Israel go on a field trip to plant trees.

Raffle-Mania Hits School

purim_raffleBy Alison M. and Julianne K.

The Purim Raffle is a annual raffle tradition and chesed fundraiser in the school for the past 10 years. The 7 grade class is responsible for organizing the raffle, including obtaining donations from parents and local businesses and selling the raffle tickets to the entire school. “Giving us this large responsibility shows that we’re old enough to handle such a big task and we hope to make it the best Purim raffle ever,” said Daniel J., a 7th grader. The class hopes to raise the most money, exceeding the amount raised last year. All the proceeds from the Purim raffle go to four different Jewish organizations: Od Yossef Chai, Chai Lifeline, BCDS Scholarship Fund, and Kav L’Noar. If you would like to buy tickets for the Purim raffle, please see any 7th grader at BCDS.

The BCDS Players Pea-Senting the Newest Show: Once Upon A Mattress 

By: Daniel Janush

Come see the talented and awesome BCDS actors and actresses perform in the interesting and very funny BCDS school play called: Once Upon A Mattress. On March 2 and March 5 TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE AT https://www.tickettailor.com/all-tickets/24021/9fad/. The students have been learning and practicing their lines, dances, songs, and staging since September. Some characters in the play are a strong princess, a dopey prince, an overprotective queen and a mute king. Rachel Offir who plays the queen says that she has been learning her lines in the strategy to read some and then try to memorize it and then keep on going. Anna Lichtenberg who plays the wizard says that she easily got to know people better through the play more than anything else in BCDS through the years.

Right to Dream Performs for Middle School


Brian Simmons of the Living Voices organization performs the Right to Dream program. (Photo by Jerrilyn Sibboni)

On Tuesday, February 7th, Brian Simmons of the Living Voices Program performed the Right to Dream program for the entire middle school department. The program
recreated a student’s coming of age as an African American in Mississippi during the 1950’s and 1960’s, shedding light on the issues of civil rights, leading audiences to understand how the fight against prejudice has shaped United States history. Using original film footage, historical photographs and the actor’s interpretation, the portrayal struck a deep chord with the students.