Photo by Esther G.

Ping Pong Fridays with Mrs. Miller
By Esther G.

Friday is probably the most popular day of the week as 6th graders in Mrs. Miller’s class get a chance to practice their ping pong in English class. Everyone gets a chance to read, relax and try their hand at this spirited and fun game.



Dancing — is it an art form or athletic? (Photo by Jerrilyn S.)

Sports Commentary: Is Dance a Sport
By Lucy N. and Jerrilyn S.

Many people think that dance is a sport, but other people think that dance is an art. Our perspective is that dance is a sport because it uses the same components as any other sport — for dance you need to be strong and flexible.

Isabella K. believes that dance is both an art and a sport because it requires a lot of energy as well as artistic talent. “I ballroom dance, it takes a lot of creativity to make your dancing look good, but also takes up a lot of energy for fast dances,” she said.

Allie Y. said that she believes that dance is definitely a sport because, it’s competitive, it requires just as much energy as anything else, and it’s hard.

Despite overall opinion in the grade, we believe that dance is more artistic than sporty. The fact that it is a very slow process to learn and you can take your time doing your dance.

Naomi H. said “ I think it depends on what kind of dance you do. If you do ballet, it is more an art. If it is something like hip hop it can be a sport. Lyrical is also an art. I think there many different types of dance and you have to look at each type on its own.”

March Madness Takes Over BCDS: An Interview with Student Adin F.
By Daniel J.

D: At what part of March Madness did your bracket bust?

A: I remember it as if it was the first day of March Madness I started off getting nine straight games correct and then Vermont vs. Purdue came along and there went my bracket.

D: What team do you want to win?

A: I want Xavier to win because no eleven seeded team has ever one the whole tournament and they are an eleven seed.

D: Who is your favorite player in the tournament this year?

A: Caleb Swanigan because he was an amazing back story but if not Caleb Swanigan I would have to say Malik Monk because he was a cool name and comes up in the clutch.


D: At what part of March Madness did your bracket bust?

N: The first round.

D: Who what team do you want to win?

N: UCLA because I like Lonzo Ball, UCLA, and T.J. Leaf who is Jewish and Israeli.

D: Who is your favorite player in the tournament this year?

N: Lonzo Ball because I like his style of play and his shot.


An Interview with Nathan Y.: Basketball King
By Julianne K.

Nathan Y., an 8th grader at BCDS, will soon be graduating, but it’s safe to say that most people who saw him play a recent basketball game will remember the night of January 19th when he scored 50 points (yes, in one game). No one is certain, but if anyone’s keeping track of BCDS records, we’re sure that Nathan’s game is one of the most exciting in BCDS history. Here’s some more information on BCDS’s biggest basketball scorer.

  • How old are you? I am 13 years old.
  • When were you born? I was born on July 8th.
  • What school were you playing the night you scored so many of points? The school we were playing was WDS (Westchester Day School).
  • When did you play them? January 19th 2017
  • How many points did you score? I scored 50 points!
  • Was it a home game or an away game? Home game
  • How did it feel to score 50 points? It felt exhilarating, and it was kind of like an everlasting feeling that never fades away.
  • How many people came up to congratulate you? Around 40 people congratulated me, and everyone at school the next day.
  • What was the most memorable moment of the game? When I hit two 3s in a row.
  • How do you get to be really good at basketball? I train every day and I really work on the things that help me improve as a basketball player.
  • Did you know right away that you scored 50 points? I lost track of the points in the 4th quarter but everyone told me I scored 50 points at the end of the game.
  • Is this the most you have ever scored in a game? This is the most I’ve ever scored in a game
6th Grade Girls Basketball Team: Highlights
Jerrilyn S.

This year, the 6th grade girls basketball team is made up of only 7 girls and our coach, Coach Annie. The basketball team is very competitive with other teams and, when we scrimmage, with each other. We all work hard and try our best to win our basketball games. So far, we have had 4 basketball games in the year and we have 4 more games for the rest of the year. We are currently 2-2.

We are looking forward to our next game on Tuesday — please come out and support the team (see next posting for full schedule).

7th Grade Girls  Basketball Schedule
Compiled by Alison M.
We started our basketball games here at Bi- Cultural Day School (BCDS). These are the rest of the seventh grade basketball games.They are going to be exciting. Here is the schedule down below. Try to come to these game dates. GO BOBCATS!

7 Girls Basketball Schedule, 2017

7G Basketball , Thursday, Feb. 9 @ Harvey, 3:45
260 Jay Street Katonah, NY

7G Basketball , Wednesday, Feb. 15 @ Greenwich Country Day School, 4pm 471 North St Greenwich, CT

7G Basketball , Tuesday, Feb. 28 @ Rippowam, 4:15pm
439 Cantioe Street Bedford, NY



Shira H. is on the girls’ basketball team. (Photo by Talia R.)

Girls’ Basketball Team Begins Practice
Alison M.

Basketball just started for the 7th and 8th grade girls at BCDS. So far we had a great first practice. The coach’s names are Coach Annie for the 7th Grade and Coach Hupal for the 8th grade. There are 17 8th-grader girls and six 7th graders, so it is quite a large team. The team has started to practice layup lines, scrimmages, and much more and hopes for a great season this year. Stay tuned for more information about the BCDS Bobcats.


bball_practiceFall is the season of sports here at BCDS. Stay tuned for more information on scores, game and season wrap-ups, and featured players. Here, the 7th and 8th grade Boys’ Basketball Team begins practice for the Winter Season.

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